Buddy Create A Strong, Iconic Look For Sharpham Dairy

When Sharpham Estate owner and environmentalist Maurice Ash brought his Jersey cows down to Devon from Essex in the 1970s, he did so by train. Never one to follow the herd, Sharpham Dairy has always dared to do its own thing – like making a Brie to rival the finest in France. Luckily for British cheese lovers the bold decision paid off and it is now an award-winning artisan business selling some of the most sought-after cheeses in these Isles.

Recently marking 40 years of cheese production, current owners Greg and Nicky Parsons wanted to celebrate their deep-rooted respect for the natural landscape and fertile farmland of the River Dart valley by commissioning Buddy to create a strong, iconic look that would take them to the next milestone and beyond.

We took them at their word and created a striking logo, reflecting their deep passion for the riches of the terroir that feeds their herds with lush Devon goodness. The logo brings the river, the rolling hills and the sun into a minimal yet meaningful symbol that clearly exudes a positivity and pride in place. It is equally at ease scaled up or down: from neat letterheads to distinctive signage, it creates a cohesive and definitive brand mark. The colour palette is as natural yet playful as the estate itself, which has always led the way when it comes to creative and ecological thinking, often decades before the rest of the herd catches up. We can’t wait to see what the next 40 years bring to the table.

Sharpham Sign3_web size
Sharpham Cheese 4_web size
Cheese Rounds1_Web Size
apron_detail_Web size
Chutneys Crop_Web size
Sharpham_Canvas Tote Bag_1 web size
Dark van on the way


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