Burger King Embraces Glitches In Its New Gaming Campaign, “Burger Glitch” 

Brand chooses gaming bugs to portray gamers’ experience and surprises people with glitched products, glitched comms and also glitched offers with special prices

BURGER KING is ready for the game, betting on another virtual campaign made for gamers. Its “Burger Glitch” campaign invites consumers to enter a hunt for buggy deals littered on the Burger King app and social channels that offer up to 40% off. 

“We want to have a much closer dialogue with our fans, and to do that, we consider the connection points between young people and our brand. When we talk about games, we talk about competing, losing and winning, but for Burger King, the best thing about a match will always be the uproar and that is something within the essence of our communication,” says Juliana Cury, Director of Marketing & Innovation at Burger King Brazil, master franchisee of Burger King and Popeyes in the country. 

“Burger Glitch” promises big surprises, with bigger rewards. Once a day, buggy offers are released to whoever is logged into the app. The app also encourages users to share bugs they find, and those who repost on social media using the hashtag #BugKing will get a discount coupon. 

The campaign spot, which will also feature hidden discounts, highlights common gaming glitches that gamers are all too familiar with. “We want to approach gamers the Burger King way. Celebrating the imperfections of the world, laughing at mistakes, embracing the uproar. That’s being “your way,” adds Rogério Chaves, DAVID’s Creative Director

The entire face of Burger King’s social channels will be altered with “Burger Glitch” communications, interactions and buggy elements. Self-service totems of all Burger King stores also had changed images, also displayed across OOH in several Brazilian cities. 

In addition, the brand also produced “glitched versions” of its most iconic sandwich, the Whopper. Like game glitches, Whopper glitches were unpredictable and varied in form, such as adding too many patties or nuggets and potatoes inside the sandwich. In some cases even a smaller sandwich has been added to the Whopper. An action that took place in store and also in delivery to major game streamers in Brazil. 

Final Credits 

Agency: DAVID São Paulo 

Campaign: Burger Glitch 

Client: Burger King Brazil 

Global CCO: Pancho Cassis 

Global COO: Sylvia Panico 

Global PR Director: Sandra Azedo 

ECD: Edgard Gianesi, Renata Leão 

Creative Director: Fabrício Pretto, Rogério Chaves 

Creative: Renato Simon, André Mezzomo 

Account: Carolina Vieira, Cacá Franklin, Larissa Zanardi, Carol Cury 

Producer: Fernanda Peixoto, Tuna Canepari, Ana Beatriz Duarte 

Planning: Luciana Mendes, Carolina Silva, Angel Pinheiro 

Media: Marcia Mendonça, Thomaz Chamiso, Leonardo Berenguer, Pedro Graça, Victor Fortes, Guilherme Garcia 

Innovation and Tech: Toni Ferreira, Gustavo Nanes, Arthur Gregolini 

Social Media: Maike Maio, Marcelo Reis 

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Data Intelligence: Mailson Dutra, Ana Veiga 

Client Approval: Ariel Grunkraut, Juliana Cury, Daniel Packness, Thata Martins, Jade Solano 

Producer Company: Vetor Zero  

Director: Gabriel NóbregaAlberto Lopes, Sergio Salles 

Sound Producer: Hefty 

Source: Burger King

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