Butterfly Cannon ‘Make a Mark’ At Luxe Pack Monaco With Papil, Their Positive Impact, No-Alcohol Wellness Aperitif

Launching at Luxe Pack Monaco, Papil is a premium wellness aperitif – completely alcohol-free and created from an uplifting blend of natural adaptogens & nootropics to enhance a positive mood at the start of the evening. Concentrated for easy mixing & spritzing, with a beautiful, reusable design made from 100% recycled wild glass and waste by-products. 

The concept was created by Butterfly Cannon as part of the Make a Mark project. A design innovation project developed by Estal glass, Avery Dennison labels and Leonard Kurz foils, Make a Mark invited a selection of globally renowned agencies to create concepts around sustainability, luxury and innovation. Providing access to some of the industry’s latest developments and the most up-to-date packaging technologies to bring their ideas to life.

The name Papil comes from Papillon – French for butterfly and was inspired by the idea of The Butterfly Effect. It has been said that something as small as the flutter of a butterfly’s wing can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world. And when we choose an unsustainable product, it can wash up on a beach on another continent or breakdown into our water streams and endanger all life on earth. Our flap of a butterfly’s wing is to ensure only positivity affects the world. Whether that be for our physical environment or our mental wellbeing.

To maximise the positive impact of Papil from a sustainability perspective, we used our Conscious DesignTM process to guide us. Just as we would any other brand. Created to help our clients and ourselves navigate the minefield of the ecological design landscape whilst delivering distinctive brand experiences. This simple step-by-step process is led by our Sustainability Manager. 

First, we clarified our brand’s purpose, defining its sustainability goals and understanding the context within which it was operating. We then used our proprietary Climatic TableTM to prioritise which aspects of sustainability it should focus on – both now and in the future.

Our liquid is a 70cl concentrate formulation infused with nootropics and adaptogens that enhance mental performance and “adapt” the body’s ability to resist stressors. Not only perfect for mixing in the aperitif occasion but its refillable system ensures we get the maximum efficiency out of our packaging, both in terms of distribution and lifespan.

Our bottle is formed from Estal Wild Glass, made of 100% recycled post-consumer waste glass. Whilst the bespoke Labrenta Sughera cap is moulded from 100% recycled cork dust taken out of the waste stream. Using no glue and food safe. 

Our label uses an Avery Dennison: Fasson MarbleBase stock. Made up of 80% Calcium Carbonate. Making safe an otherwise harmful by-product of the marble industry. Strong and durable, the label was specifically designed with washing and re-use of the bottle in mind.

Design inspired by nature has been proven to subconsciously lift our mood and feeling of wellbeing. Even ensuring we recover from stress and anxiety quickly. Our Papil wordmark has a natural fluidity with sweeping strokes reminiscent of a butterfly’s wing. Our label uses nano-embossing to takes inspiration from the organically shifting colours and textures found within it. And the Wild Glass used in our bottle has beautiful, natural imperfections and a bluey-green hue that subtly shifts with each batch made.

Initially intended to be produced and bottled from a single, central location, through cloud-based Smart Packaging technology we can track the Global usage clusters. Identifying when it is sustainably justified to move to hyper-local production at multiple locations. 

To experience the Butterfly Effect themselves, consumers can scan the QR code integrated into the design of the cap to discover practical information such as ingredient provenance and the life cycle of the bottle or mood-elevating augmented reality experiences.

“Positivity is at the heart of Papil – not minimal, not zero but positive impact. Turning the bad into the good. The wrong habits into the right actions. And the wasteful into the usable and beautiful. We hope it will be an inspiration to brands to reassess what’s possible.  That when you design consciously you can create a product and brand that reaches all expectations; luxury, sensorial and positively sustainable.”

Jon Davies, Creative Director & Co-founder, Butterfly Cannon

Source: Butterfly Cannon

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