California Prunes Appoints First Culinary Apprentice

California Prunes has appointed its first Culinary Apprentice Brand Ambassador.

Danielle Davey, is an Apprentice at the Rosemary Shrager Cookery School, studying for her BTEC Level 3 Certificate in Hospitality and Catering Principles and NVQ Level 3 Diploma in Professional Cookery.

Danielle is being mentored by Rosemary Shrager (a long-standing California Prunes brand ambassador and official ‘Queen of Prunes’) at her eponymous cookery school and is one of the celebrity TV chef’s first batch of Apprentices.

As a Culinary Apprentice Brand Ambassador for California Prunes, Danielle will be working alongside Rosemary Shrager to develop recipes in line with California Prunes’ new ‘Prune It’ campaign- designed to inspire consumers / chefs to understand and appreciate the role that prunes can play in helping to reduce the fat / sugar and calorie content in a wide range of recipes. In addition, it is anticipated that Danielle will work with California Prunes to extend its communication to younger people with an interest in improving their eating habits.

Commenting on the appointment, European Marketing Director for California Prunes, Esther Ritson-Elliott says:

“Working with culinary professionals to communicate the versatility of California Prunes as an incredibly versatile culinary ingredient – to improve texture, add flavour and moisture while also reducing the sugar and fat content of a recipe – remains a key priority and we are keen to encourage the loyalty of not only established chefs but also those who represent the sector’s ‘emerging talent’. California Prunes enjoy an established reputation for undisputed quality and are regularly selected as the prune of choice by food professionals committed to working with only the very finest ingredients, we anticipate that our new Culinary Apprentice Brand Ambassador will help us to extend this messaging to young chefs who are starting out in their culinary careers.”

Source: California Prunes

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