Cheeky Bum-Shaped Mooncakes Will Moon You As You Eat Them

A sales assistant presents a buttock-shaped mooncake sold ahead of the Mid-Autumn festival in SingaporeMooncakes are Chinese bakery products traditionally consumed during Mid-Autumn Festival—the 15th day of the eighth month in the Chinese calendar, during a full moon.

All in good fun, Hong Kong lifestyle brand Goods of Desire has given the baked goods a ‘cheeky’ twist—by taking the other English and Cantonese meaning of “moon” into consideration, to create “bum-shaped mooncakes”.

A witty play on words, these rear end-shaped mooncakes come in a variety of designs: the barren (bare bottom); cover up (with a hand over the bum), split (with ripped pants to reveal butt crack), T-back (with a G-string), and bunny (with fluffy tail and fishnets; the rabbit is the animal traditionally associated to the festival).

The bum-shaped mooncakes retail at about US$40 for a box of four, and is sure to get its receivers smirking from ‘cheek to cheek’.

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