CHINESE NEW YEAR WITH A DIFFERENCE! Rockit Launches Inventive Themed Gift Boxes

With Chinese New Year on the horizon, groundbreaking apple company Rockit Global has once again stepped outside the box – the traditional gift box, that is.

To mark the biggest date on the Chinese calendar, which this year falls on Tuesday 1st February, Rockit has crafted more than 100,000 innovative themed gift boxes for the discerning Chinese retail market, each holding either three or six packs of fresh, crisp, snack-sized Rockit™ apples, along with traditional door banners, masks, stickers and gift envelopes.

But the boxes – beautifully designed in shades of red and orange to celebrate 2022’s Year of the Tiger – are also cleverly constructed to double as kids’ costumes. 

Rockit General Manager Global Marketing, Julian Smith says with gifting a major component of Chinese New Year, it has been exciting to build a dual-purpose gift box that captures consumer attention – and the brand’s cheeky attitude.  “In true Rockit style we’ve done things differently, with the cardboard box itself transforming into an interpretation of a tiger’s head. It’s a great way for families to tackle a holiday project together and to ignite kids’ imaginations!” 

Rockit is experiencing unprecedented growth across China, particularly among young, upwardly mobile, conscientious parents. “These consumers want the very best nutritional experience for their children, without compromising on flavour,” says Julian. “Rockit™ apples are incredibly popular within this set – they’re sweet, crunchy and snack-sized, delivering a big hit of natural energy, fibre and nutrients.”

Creating healthier gifting options has been part of Rockit’s activity in China for several years, with the brand drawing on the tremendous reach of social media channels and digital search to tell the Rockit story. “As our Chinese New Year activity ramps up, we’re expecting high volumes of traffic through to our flagship store on TMALL – an ecommerce platform where customers can buy our range – as well as engaging, shareable content from the local community of macro and micro influencers (KOLs and KOCs) we partner with in China.”

“Chinese New Year is another exciting opportunity for our innovative New Zealand-based company to take our product to the world – housed in eye-catching gift boxes that stand out from the crowd, and are so much fun!”

Source: Rockit 

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