Chocolate Spread That Takes Its Flavour Cues From High End Confectionery

Borna Foods enters the chocolate spread fray April 22 with a high cocoa % chocolate spread which targets more grown up, fine chocolate preferences (reduced sweetness/greater flavour intensity)

It wasn’t so long ago that everyday jams & spreads looked like a forgotten aisle of out-of-sorts sugary preserves from a bygone era.  Not only was traditional breakfast in decline, but the fortunes of so many breaded goods (crumpets, tea cakes, scones, even the sultry croissant) whose comfort food credentials no seemed to resonate with today’s more health conscious snacker.

Fortunately premium tier peanut butter arrived on the scene just in time to show us that fantastical flavours and nutritional oomph (high protein) could happily co-exist in one jar and that unsavoury fillers (palm oil) and synthetic nasties could be kicked into the long grass.  The arrival of Lockdown led to a welcome reappraisal of breakfast as a thoroughly deserved ‘slow food’ appreciation pitstop.  This was moment ‘real,’ authentic nut butters (almonds, pistachios, cashews) put their best foot forward, bringing added foodie panache to the party, yet still consumers demanded even more indulgent flavour intensity

Borna’s chocolate spread looked to high end confectionery for its inspiration, focusing specifically on reduced sweetness and flavour intensity.  By doubling the presence of natural, fat-reduced cocoa powder (15%) found in pedestrian chocolate spreads and adding cocoa butter, generous portions of cashew nuts and hazelnuts and a light dash of coconut sugar, Borna have literally created the last word in velvety smooth spreads with a gastronomic edge. 

Throw in the fact that home baking also shows no sign of slowing down and you have a hedonistic chocolate spread for all occasions.

Source: Borna Foods

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