Clean Deck Dog Treats Provider PAWFECT Leads The Field In Freeze- Dried Thinking + Makes Its Pet Food Debut

Until recently Pawfect Foods was probably best known for its extensive range of Himalayan chhurpi cheese treats, fruit Jerky (Nature’s Munch) and herbal infusions (Doggy’s Cuppa)

Pawfect Foods

NATURE’S FEAST (freeze-dried treats) 

However in early 2021 Pawfect extended its freeze-dried reach with a 5-strong, game-changing portfolio of all-natural, grain-free treats; three of which played to chicken’s unrivalled capacity to mingle with all manner of beneficial fruits, veg & spices: Chicken & Pumpkin SpiceTropical Chicken (pineapple, broccoli, sweet potato & turmeric) & Chicken & Asian Greens (mango, spinach, carrots & green peas) and 2 highly sought after goat-based treats (Goat & Goat Liver) which provided a welcome ‘sweet yet gamey’ respite from traditional farmyard fayre.

NATURE’S KITCHEN (freeze-dried dog food)

THIS MAY also sees Pawfect pet food debut with the eagerly anticipated arrival of NATURE’s KITCHEN, a welcome riposte to the endless swathes of bland tasting, ‘nutritionally vacant’ kibbles.

Available in Grain-free Fish, a Grain-free Chicken and a deliciously decadent Grain-free Goat, Nature’s Kitchen comes in eye-catching recyclable boxes whose head-turning designs, not only includes each and every one of the meticulously picked functional foods, but a clear explanation as to what each headline ingredient offers in terms of enticing nutritional gravitas. 

According to Pawfect founder, Prash Patwardhan‘As a treats-based business that prides itself on its ‘real’ food / clean deck credentials, we felt it was imperative we took the next step and produced our first all-natural freeze-dried food range made with only real food from Nature’s larder.  Kibble as many will know is produced at temperatures in excess of 265F, which means even the most well-meaning recipes will lose a lion’s share of its essential vitamins and protein.  Worse than that, many kibbles are made from malleable baked dough recipes packed with lazy bulking fillers (carbs, starches) and the odd ‘synthetic supplement/amino acid, which is a disingenuous attempt to paper over the cracks, replacing real vitamins and minerals with laboratory engineered alternatives.’

The other planet-friendly benefit of freeze-dried is the fact that transportation and storage footprints are dramatically squeezed, because in the case of wet (even fresh) you’re transporting & storing 70% moisture.  Refreshed Post Lockdown thinking means there has never been a better time to bring a tired pet food fixture back in line with their pet owner’s increasingly healthier living aspirations.  

After all concludes Prash‘If the COVID era has told us one thing, it’s that there’s a growing movement among health-conscious pet owners who having reassessed and adapted their own healthier eating regimes now want to scrutinize the often underwhelming ingredient decks of their four-legged friend’s favourite meals.’

Source: Pawfect Foods

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