Cocinero Oil And The Campaign That Will Change The Way You Listen To Your Flyings.

The new campaign from VMLY&R Peru and Alicorp show us in a funny way the main property of one of their top brands: Cocinero Oil.

Cocinero is a frying oil with the best performance in the peruvian market, it’s so great at it that you can have your fryings even before you asked for them.

Now about the resource, we have all heard how frying sounds at some time, but no one ever thought that the onomatopoeia of fried foods is the infinite repetition of the letter S … don’t you believe us? Try it… SSSSSSSSSS. You see? Now what if we told you that most fried foods have the letter S in their names?

The realization of the pieces and the sound design were in charge of Zumba and the different voices of Rosalinda Vilchez, a young promise of voice over and dubbing

Let’s play them and have some fun!



CEO: Eduardo Grisolle

ECD: Tin Sanchez

Creative Directors: Carlitos Fernandez, Eduardo Meza

Copywriter: Jhona Gibson

Art Director: Frank Chara

Account Director: Sara Roif

Account Supervisor: Karen Hablutzel

Production Director: Leoni Lizarzaburu

Source: VMLY&R Peru

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