Coley Porter Bell Helps You Be Chef To Bring Michelin-Cuisine Delight To Everyone’s Doorstep

● You Be Chef gives customers a Michelin star dining experience at home. ● Chef Robert Thomson launched the brand during the pandemic as the ‘makeaway’ market started to take off. ● Coley Porter Bell has repositioned and created a new identity for the brand which better reflects the premium, yet exciting and accessible experience it offers.

Coley Porter Bell, the UK’s leading brand design agency, has partnered with You Be Chef to strategically reposition the brand and create a new brand identity system which stretches seamlessly across digital and physical experiences.

Founded by Michelin star chef, Robert Thomson, You Be Chef was built as part of the up and coming ‘makeaway’ market. After being forced to close his restaurant during the first lockdown, Thomson pivoted his Isle of Wight-based restaurant business to make the Michelin-food-at-home experience easy for everyone.

To support You Be Chef’s growth ambition outside its Isle of Wight hub, the brand needed a sharp repositioning able to reflect the level of excellence of the food and to stand out in the evolving and increasingly competitive premium restaurant meal-at-home-boxes space.

Coley Porter Bell’s strategic and creative development gave the brand more solid and meaningful foundations and a differentiating, characterful identity system. The repositioning takes the opportunity to cut through the category by capturing the love, expertise and creativity that goes into each box and allows everyone to easily recreate Michelin dishes at home turning everyday at-home dinner times into extraordinary moments of delight.

The rebrand includes:

●        Re-naming the brand from UBChef to You Be Chef to reduce risks of misspelling and to clearly invite everyone to ‘become chefs’, retaining the equity that the name accrued since its launch in early 2020.

●        Creative strategy to make the brand stand for more than just excellent food and capture the passionate, creative and meticulous care of the You Be Chef team

●        A shift in the brand’s tone of voice to translate the Personal, Charismatic, Expert, Upbeat brand attitude throughout the experience.

●        New Brand Identity system: retiring the old functional and basic style and unleashing a beautifully curated premium, yet exciting and accessible identity reflective of the top-end standards and entertaining quality of the experience.

You Be Chef is aimed at foodies, people who love fine-dining (and Masterchef fans) and enjoy spending time with friends and family in a relaxed atmosphere

Robert Thomson, Michelin Star Chef and founder of You Be Chef, said of the rebrand:  “From the initial meeting with Coley Porter Bell they were fantastic at drawing every thought, passion and process from me to enable the brand to come to life across all touchpoints. The journey has been both an eye-opener and a complete pleasure.

“The team took on my brand, listened, asked questions, absorbed and completely understood. Then started on the journey where every change and development was intricately considered. I always felt like it was still mine and that everything I said was captured. You Be Chef has now been reborn and the new design tells the story right from menu creation to the magic of our food recreated by our guests in their own homes. In short – I love it!”

Sam Stone – Creative Director, Coley Porter Bell, said: “Our client and head chef, Robert Thompson had to pivot his business extremely quickly at the beginning of the pandemic, but this unfortunately resulted in a quick logo and brand application that didn’t  truly reflect the nature of his charming and inclusive personality, the energy of his team and the premium food experience he creates and delivers.

“You Be Chef not only delivers excellent food, it also  delivers an amazing experience. Customers get to feel like a leading chef for an evening, able to recreate the magic of Michelin dishes at home. We quickly realised what a unique opportunity this was within a ‘make-away’ category that was exploding very rapidly.”

Source: Coley Porter Bell

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