Coley Porter Bell unveils brand new pack design for Fox’s Biscuits premium range: Fox’s Fabulous

Global brand design agency Coley Porter Bell today unveiled its debut work for Fox’s Biscuits with a redesign and repositioning of its premium biscuits range.

Coley Porter Bell were award the project last year which included strengthening the Fox’s brand across the portfolio and creating a different experience for the premium range.

Coley Porter Bell created a design solution called ‘The Star of the Show’ which works across the full range of products and ensures every biscuit gets its moment in the spotlight to showcase what makes it so proudly Fox’s. The evolved logo neatly integrates the brand heritage story ‘since 1853’ and underlines Fox’s quality and baking expertise. The design maintains a cohesive visual relationship between Fox’s master brand and its sub brands.

Coley Porter Bell developed design principles around colour, typography and product imagery which build on existing brand assets. The launch follows on the success Fox’s Biscuits experienced during lockdown when it provided the comforting treats that people craved.

Cathy Madoc Jones, Group Account Director at Coley Porter Bell said: “We had great fun working on this project and it was a real honour to be selected to revamp such a well known and loved brand. With change comes opportunity and the launch of Fox’s Fabulous is the first step in our exciting journey with Fox’s Biscuits.”

Muriel Breugelmans, Marketing Director at Fox’s Biscuits said: “Coley Porter Bell has been a fantastic partner in this project. We wanted to strengthen our premier tier with a design that reflects the high quality of our much loved biscuits and we feel the creation of Fox’s Fabulous has done just this.”

Source: Coley Porter Bell

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