D’AMAZONIA Launches ‘Sleep Tea’ To Support Good Health Via Improved Sleep

For some while teas have had to play second fiddle to coffee when it came to perceived discernment and innovation.   Whilst coffee set about establishing countless range extensions built around everything from ingredient provenance and blend indulgence to caffeine levels, drinking formats and usage occasions; teas have by and large travelled a more serene path with few ‘real’ innovation highlights outside of matcha and green tea. 

That said, the growing call for hot beverages that support our increasingly hectic lifestyles and healthier living aspirations has led to a new generation of functional teas that provide everything for an added energy boost to improved gut health.

In February 2022 D’Amazonia finds itself bucking the vitality tea trend by creating a product which champions good health by supporting improved sleep.  This is a tea packed with non-caffeinated ingredients that help calm the senses and reduce stress & anxiety, courtesy of ingredients with a trusted track record in tackling insomnia and restlessness: lavender, chamomile, rose petals, lemon balm oat flowering tops…

According to D’Amazonia co-founder, Marcella Tupinamba, ‘In Western Europe the focus for functional foods & drinks is pre-dominantly around increased vitality and energy, allowing consumers to eek the most out of every day.  In South America there’s a far greater emphasis on quality down-time as an all-important reset that enables us to make the most of the next day.  The simple thinking behind Sleep Tea is a British made tea using only ‘real’ ingredients in biodegradable tea bags that supports a new chapter regarding what constitutes good health.’

Source: D’Amazonia

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