Domino’s launches new brand platform with VCCP

We Got This: don’t risk takeaway roulette

Takeaways are a big decision that can make or break an evening. If you get it right then everyone is happy, but if you get it wrong then it’s not just the meal that’s ruined, it’s the whole evening. 

That’s why Domino’s has launched a new through-the-line brand platform – ‘We Got This’ – to remind people in the UK & Northern Ireland that not only is Domino’s the perfect food for everybody, for every occasion, but with its unrivalled end-to-end delivery service it’s always the most reliable option. Dependability and reassurance are exactly what people look for when times are tough, so there couldn’t be a more pertinent moment in time to launch the new brand platform. 

As the UK’s best-loved pizza company, Domino’s has “got this” across everything and the new brand platform ensures these stories are at the heart of brand and communications. From the signature fresh dough, to the consistent four slices of pepperoni on every slice of a delicious Pepperoni Passion, to the hot bags that keep every pizza piping hot and fresh, delivered exactly when they say they will by their friendly uniformed drivers. It was time to celebrate what makes Domino’s – Domino’s. 

The launch film execution demonstrates this brilliant reliability with the story of Claire and her flatmates who are trying to decide where to get their takeaway from. As they go through the endless list of possibilities, a version of Claire from the future suddenly appears – only this version is alarmingly knee and elbow-deep in dried concrete. In super quick cuts Claire humorously warns her other self and friends about the risks of ordering from the wrong place, and sagely directs them to the trusty Domino’s app. 

Alongside the film, the platform is running across print, social, digital, online, CRM, PR, in-store & internal touchpoints. 

As an added extra, consumers who wish to ignore the certainty of a Domino’s can be rewarded if they spot the easter egg in the spot. P.s. you can find it on:

This is an evolution from ‘The Official Food of Everything’ that Domino’s has been working under since 2017, which was also created by VCCP. With growing category competition and an increasingly risk-averse consumer, the brand has created a platform that is anchored in reality and resonates emotionally with consumers. All of this has been done with one aim in mind; to firmly place Domino’s as the ultimate takeaway choice.


Rebecca Rose, Head of Marketing at Domino’s UK & ROI, said: “We can’t wait to bring We Got This to the masses, we’ve listened intently to our customers and know that reliability is one of the things they love about us, so in a year like no other, it feels apt to bring this truth to life across all our customer touchpoints. Claire’s story is one we can all relate to and a solid reminder that when you want something done properly, call on Domino’s because We Got This.’ 

David Masterman, Creative Director at VCCP, added: “We’ve all been on the receiving end of a late takeaway, a cold takeaway, or a just-plain-wrong takeaway and it ain’t pretty. Playing takeaway roulette has certainly led to some unpleasant scenes in our house. Don’t take that gamble, there’s too much at stake, go for the brilliant certainty of a Domino’s.”

Source: VCCP

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