Dutch Barn Orchard Vodka Launches Brand-New Carbon Neutral Vodka With Multi-Million Pound Marketing Campaign

● Dutch Barn Orchard Vodka is the first launch from North Yorkshire-based Ellers Farm Distillery ● The vodka will have a distinctive amber glass bottle design, part of the brand’s sustainability and quality commitments ● Nine agencies, led by drinks marketing agency YesMore, are working together to activate an ambitious brand strategy

Dutch Barn Orchard Vodka, the first product from carbon neutral Ellers Farm Distillery, is launching into the UK this week with a multi-million-pound marketing push.

Brand strategy, positioning and creative for the vodka have been developed by drinks marketing agency YesMore, with eight further agencies supporting and driving the launch, design, production, and media.

YesMore is coordinating the overall marketing strategy and creative, launching the first campaign, ‘Wanderers Spirit’, which will go live next week in line with its first listing in a major supermarket.

This launch campaign positions the vodka as a balanced choice for the environment by focusing on British adventurers, and carbon neutral and lower impact ways to travel. Content creators will shoot video and stills with the brand as they adventure, which will be cut into advertisements that will run across online advertising, paid social, programmatic, search and video on demand.

Not only does its distinctive amber bottle guarantee shelf-standout, but it contains more than 60% recycled content which also reduces energy use, as recycled glass melts at a lower temperature.

The bottle, sourced from local Yorkshire producer Beatson Clark, is also lighter weight than others in the market, minimising the amount of energy needed to manufacture, transport, and recycle each bottle. Branding and information are printed directly onto the bottle, so there’s no need for a separate label.

Additionally, in a study by the University of York’s Biorenewable Development Centre commissioned by Ellers Farm Distillery, it was found that a number of the delicate ester compounds that give Dutch Barn Orchard Vodka its distinctive taste diminished when placed in a clear glass but did not when placed in equivalent brown glass samples.

Hatch is providing public relations around launch, and additional marketing support was provided by Orillo Films for video and stills production, Hedonist and Beetroot Box for photography, After Digital for ECRM, social media advertising, paid search and display video advertising via Unruly.

Head of marketing at Ellers Farm Distillery, Gee Lilwall, said:
“We have an amazing network of agencies, all aligned to the mission of promoting a better spirit for consumers, and the planet. This isn’t a standard run-of-the-mill vodka, and it’s not a standard marketing campaign either – two of the many reasons why three of the biggest national grocers were excited to list Dutch Barn Orchard Vodka before we launched.”

Head of sustainability at Ellers Farm Distillery, Tabatha Hurst, added:“We’ve considered every detail of Dutch Barn Orchard Vodka and Ellers Farm Distillery in terms of sustainability. We’ve done as much as we can to reduce our overall impact, and then partnered with ClimatePartner to measure and offset the footprint of each bottle. It was vital for us that every part of our marketing and design reflected this too.” “We have a fantastic mission, an incredibly ambitious goal, and an exciting marketing plan to cut through and help us achieve both. Our agencies and suppliers are integrated into our team across marketing, sales, sustainability and even distillation. I couldn’t be more excited to see the Dutch Barn Orchard Vodka become one of the world’s leading carbon-neutral spirits, born and bred in North Yorkshire.”

Source: YesMore

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