Enosophia – Wines With An Interactive Label That Plays Music

Enosophia is a Croatian wine brand. Through its activities, it wants to positively influence the environment, which includes creating and educating new wine lovers. That is why the brand was named Enosophia, coined from the Greek words enos = wine and sophia = wisdom, which means wisdom of wine. 

Enosophia Case Film from Bruketa&Zinic&Grey on Vimeo.

The challenge was to position the brand in the minds of young consumers, but not to neglect other wine lovers.

The physical one-dimensional label on the wine bottle is combined with digital technologies thus enabeling the consumer to interact with the wine in a new way.

The first two wines launched under the brand Enosophia, Grasevina TRS No. 5 and rosé Matarouge, both have an interactive label. With the help of AR (augmented reality), from the wine label TRS No. 5 consumer can experience harmonious music composed purposefully to improve the taste of wine, as reported by research. By scaning the Matarouge label, the user can learn more about the world’s most famous rosé regions.

Project Credits:

Design firm: Bruketa&Zinic&Grey

Client: Osilovac 

CEO: Ivan Maricic (Osilovac d.d.)

Marketing Director: Igor Busljeta (Nexe d.d.)

Head Oenologist: Martin Kovacevic 

Head of Viticulture-Wine Production: Lucija Kuzir 

Marketing and PR: Jenette Simic 

Digital Marketing Specialist: Tena Abicic (Nexe d.d.)

Chief Creative Officer: Nikola Zinic (Bruketa&Zinic&Grey)

Creative Director: Davor Bruketa (Bruketa&Zinic&Grey)

Art Director: Andrea Knapic (Bruketa&Zinic&Grey)

Art Director: Nenad Gavrilovic (Bruketa&Zinic&Grey)

Project Lead: Petra Persic Blazicko (Bruketa&Zinic&Grey) 

Account Manager: Dina Borosic (Bruketa&Zinic&Grey)

Production Manager: Vesna Durasin (Bruketa&Zinic&Grey)

Head of Digital Strategy and Creative: Iva Bolta (Bruketa&Zinic&Grey)

Copywriter:Martina Tupek (Bruketa&Zinic&Grey)

Copywriter: Vanja Cinic (Bruketa&Zinic&Grey)

Copywriter: Ivan Golubic (Bruketa&Zinic&Grey)

Social Media Manager: Mia Matijevic (Bruketa&Zinic&Grey)

Digital Designer: Iva Marenic (Bruketa&Zinic&Grey)

Head of DTP/Pre-press: Radovan Radicevic (Bruketa&Zinic&Grey)

Videoanimator): Tvrtko Karacic (Bruketa&Zinic&Grey)

Strategist: Zeljka Zrnic 

Design partner: Krunoslav Franetic and NJI3

AR mobile app: Delta Reality

Music: Pocket Palma

Photographer: Domagoj Kunic

Source: Bruketa&Zinic&Grey

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