Female-founded, health-conscious beer for wine lovers launching in Sainsbury’s next month

Have you ever been in a situation where you don’t quite fancy something as high in alcohol as a glass of wine and you’re not too fond of beer? The sweetness of cider isn’t too appealing, and you’d like something a little more sophisticated than a fruit juice. So, what DO you have…?

Binary Botanical, a female founded British beer brand, was launched to provide a lighter, beer-like alternative to a glass of wine. This superior refreshing beverage is available with both 4% and 0.5% alcohol for consumers choosing to drink less or not at all.

Most beers are brewed using hop cones, however Binary Botanical is infused with organic leaves, which normally go to waste, making Binary a pro eco-choice as well as a health-conscious decision. The hop leaves give a tangy, not bitter, taste making it the perfect accompaniment for many dishes.

Based on the outskirts of the South Downs National Park, the founders of Good Living Brew Company were tired of not being able to find an alcoholic drink of around 4% that was neither bland, bitter nor sweet, so they set out to create something new. Binary Botanical is lower in alcohol and calories than wine, vegan, and gluten and sugar free.

This light, refreshing beverage pairs wonderfully with an array of cuisines, and also makes the perfect base for cocktails – try it in a stemmed glass with cucumber and rosemary or with orange and fresh mint as a spritz alternative.

Source: Binary Botanical

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