Fight the housing emergency – let’s all eat chocolate…

It might seem at odds to be selling chocolate to help end the devastation the housing emergency causes, but this is one way Shelter is tackling it.

Family and Friends have been working with Shelter’s retail team to refresh an incredible initiative that was established a few years back to raise even greater funds and highlight injustice. The project sits perfectly with F&f’s core skillsets and passions – real expertise in cause driven branding and a love of great chocolate!

Shelter’s range of ‘Emergency Chocolate’ bars make the perfect seasonal gift or a well-deserved ethical treat for yourself. As well as being organic and Fairtrade, the proceeds from each bar helps fund vital services which could be a lifeline to help someone who is at risk of losing their home.

Maybe not what you might expect in your Christmas stocking, but that’s just the point.

The brief was to devise a clear, simple proposition that creates ‘talk value and ritual’.

The copy concept is driven by the dualism of indulgence and deprivation –  and that could have sounded really heavy and unappealing, so the tone needed to come across as positively disruptive, a bit on the cheeky side and drive conversation.

“There is nothing fun about homelessness, that’s for sure. But humour in the face of adversity is a powerful way to say ‘sod it’ to most bad things – and in this case call out the unjust housing system”. DJ, planning director at F&f says.

Bright colours will help add flavour, positivity and shelf impact in Shelter’s shops across the UK.

Richard Hudson, Senior Marketing Manager at Shelter, said: “With over 80 shops and boutiques across the country, as well as our online store, we wanted to create a unique product for the festive period to help fund our work on the frontline of the housing emergency. Every chocolate bar sold helps Shelter to be there for people who don’t have a safe place to call home.”

The packaging is 100% compostable, including the inner foil.

You can buy them online:

Source: Family and Friends

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