Forever Beta launches Mask Mints, free mints for London commuters.

Since it became compulsory for the public to wear face masks on public transport, thousands of Londoners have quickly become intimate with the facemask – and unfortunately their own breath.  

Social media has been awash with people bemoaning the unexpected added irritation to their already extra-stressful post-lockdown commutes. 

Paulo Areas, CCO at Forever Beta: “We saw an interview with a dentist from Pennsylvania’s School of Dental Medicine saying that because we’ve just recently begun exhaling into a covering that hovers over our noses, it’s as if we’re cupping our hands in front of our face to test our breath. ALL the time. And then we said: why not create a mint to help people?.”

To protect commuters from their own breath while they mask up to protect others, Forever Beta has created Mask Mints which they are giving away free to anyone who wants them. To get a packet, all people need to do is go to, post a picture of themselves masking up and a packet will be sent to them straight away. 

Social listening will be employed to directly target people posting pictures of themselves in masks with messaging driving them to the free mints. There will also be poster campaign covering key commuter sites in London. Forever Beta has also teamed up with a number of TikTok creators to make content supporting the push. This will be posted across the following month. 

Kirsteen Scoble Hart, Managing Director at Forever Beta, said: “It should feel good to protect others, not smell bad. While we know people have wider concerns about coming back to work, if social media is anything to go by this particular issue has come as a surprise unwanted extra level of annoyance. While we know this can’t alleviate the major problems, we hope these mints can at least come as a breath of fresh air to Londoners who are protecting their fellow commuters.”  

Source: Forever Beta

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