Gmundner Dairy first in Austria to offer SIG aseptic carton packs without aluminium layer  

combibloc ECOPLUS from SIG answers demand for more sustainable packaging

Gmundner Dairy, the third largest dairy in Austria, will be the first company in the region to offer SIG alu-layer free aseptic carton packs. From May, its premium milk under the Gmundner Milch brand will be filled in SIG’s combiblocMidi 1,000 ml carton packs with combibloc ECOPLUS packaging material without an aluminum layer.

Enhancing the already positive environmental performance of SIG aseptic carton packs, combibloc ECOPLUS packaging material consists of renewable paperboard from FSC™-certified forests and other controlled sources, with ultra-thin polymer layers to protect the milk over a long period of time. This innovation will certainly bring fresh impetus to shelf stable milk category and helps to answer growing consumer demand for lower carbon, more sustainable packaging.

Christoph Engl, Managing Director, Gmundner Dairy: “As the first producer in Austria to bring shelf-stable milk to the market in a carton pack without an aluminum layer, we are pleased to be working with SIG to set a new, sustainable impulse in the field of packaging. Offering aseptic carton packs without an aluminum layer is a milestone in sustainability not only for our company, but also for retailers and consumers.”

The first two milk products from Gmundner Dairy in SIG’s combiblocMidi carton pack with combibloc ECOPLUS packaging material, will be available in Austria from May 2023. Consumers will benefit from the high product quality without the need for refrigeration, while also reducing environmental impact.

Giovanni Micheletto, Head of Market Area ISEEI at SIG: “Our aseptic carton packs already have a significantly lower environmental footprint compared to other packaging solutions due to their high proportion of renewable materials, light weight, and efficient design. The combibloc ECOPLUS packaging material cuts this footprint even further by protecting products without the need for an aluminum layer. The rollout by Gmundner Dairy in Austria and ISEEI market area is a significant step forward for the liquid dairy category in these regions. We look forward to further supporting adoption of our combibloc ECOPLUS solution and enabling more of our partners to fulfill their sustainability ambitions.”

European-wide LCA studies confirm the advantages of SIG’s alu-layer free packaging materials:

Source: SIG

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