GUT & ABI say “hug a tree, not a person” for Cerveza Patagonia

With social distancing depriving people of basic human interactions like hugs, it’s easy to feel down. “Hug a Tree, Not a Person” encourages people to go outside and hug a tree. Why? A study suggests that hugging a tree releases the same “happy chemicals” in the brain (oxytocin and dopamine) as hugging a person. So hugging trees will be a great substitute until it’s safe to hug other people again.

Cerveza Patagonia has always championed the restorative feeling of being outdoors, including planting a tree for every case of beer sold through a partnership with the National Forest Foundation and their recent “Tree Protection Program” campaign (also from GUT). “Hug a Tree” is the latest way the brand is harnessing the power of nature to help consumers cope. 
The campaign is running in Florida across traditional, digital and social media and also includes a partnership with Drizly where Floridians will get a coupon for a free case of Cerveza Patagonia when they share tree hugging photos with #HugATreeNotAPerson. 

Alexander Monroy, Sr. Brand Director, Cerveza Patagonia “As a brand, everything we do is inspired by the restorative powers of the outdoors, it’s why we plant a tree for every case of beer we sell, and why we want people to go outside and enjoy nature in times like these. We’re glad to have found a way to bring people outdoors, not only for the sake of being outdoors, but to demonstrate the restorative power of nature at work, all while keeping them safe.” 

Source: Gut Agency

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