Gyre 9 Completes Touchless Beverage Dispenser Design For Elkay’s Smartwell Line

Gyre9, a design, new product and development firm has completed the design, engineering, and manufacturing of touchless floor and countertop beverage dispensers for Elkay’s Smartwell line, according to Ed Gilchrest, President.

But this was not a normal assignment for Gyre9. 

Gilchrest explains, “Every year we are approached by numerous entrepreneurs, inventors and people with great, new product ideas. A student at the University of Connecticut brought this one to us and after some consideration we thought it merited some involvement for two reasons – it was an environmentally conscious and a healthy product. We began our design and engineering process and the initially produced 50 -100 units and while we were doing this, another client of ours Elkay offered to purchase the company,” added Gilchrest.

The touchless floor-standing units are ideal for larger businesses and offer 100+ beverage options from eight pouches providing up to 300, 8-ounce beverages – four different flavors, two enhancements, sweetener and citric acid. Gyre9 also designed and engineered a countertop version that offers 70 beverage combinations. Users can choose still or sparkling water; add flavors, natural sweetener, electrolytes, vitamin C or caffeine.

Smartwell’s Green Ticket ™ counts the number of disposable, single-use bottles saved from waste.

Source: Gyre9

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