Hampshire Cricket Club Being Fuelled for Success with Kinetica

Kinetica-logo-1Hampshire Cricket Club has seen improved performance and consistency in their recent games, fuelled by the nutrition brand, Kinetica Sports.

Over the last 10 years cricket has become a faster sport and Hampshire Cricket Club decided to request the help of Kinetica to allow their team to have better support in health and fitness.

So far, Hampshire Cricket Club have reaped the benefits after teaming with Kinetica last year and they are looking at a very successful season ahead after only having 2 losses in their opening 14 matches and this has been much accredited to Kinetica.

Chris Wood, Hampshire’s left arm medium bowler quoted: “Having Kinetica with us is only going to make us stronger, fitter and better as a team and individually as Kinetica will make us into more advanced cricket players to enable us to play for longer and at a fast pace”.

Due to the increase of pace in cricket and the demand in skilled and trained players it is now time for cricket to be the next demanding sport to come face to face with the likes of nutritionists and supplement brands on a regular basis. This is to ensure that cricket players can also have legal help with their bodies to continue a healthy and successful career in their field of sport.

Leading and innovative sports nutrition brand, Kinetica Sports will continue to work directly with the Hampshire players by providing them with healthy and drug tested products such as Whey protein and recovery products.

These products are designed specifically for lean muscles and to allow for athletes to be able to train harder and for longer and judging by last years performance from the team, Kinetica are doing their job well.

The new fast pace of cricket is no surprise as the game of cricket has evolved in the last 10 years to become a faster game with a more demanding schedule. Many countries have demanded that cricket players are to become fitter athletes and the need for their bodies to recover in a short time frame is a must.

This now means that both the consumer market and the sports industry will have a higher demand for sports nutrition products and both Kinetica Sports and Hampshire Cricket Club can both use each others skills and performance to build up a fantastic reputation in the sports industry.

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