Hendrick’s Gin Combines The Real With The Hyper-Real To Deliver Liquid ‘EDUTAINMENT’ In Its Signature Brand Style

Hendrick’s reveals a rare glimpse behind the curtain of its world famous distillery to mark the second anniversary of the Hendrick’s Gin Palace.

To celebrate the second anniversary of the opening of the Hendrick’s Gin Palace, Hendrick’s releases an ‘edutaining’ 4-minute whirlwind tour of the distillery that brings the hyper-real brand world to life while remaining rooted in the real but surreal brand home that is the Hendrick’s Gin Palace in Girvan, Scotland.

Access to the Hendrick’s Gin Palace, which sits on the South Ayrshire coast of Girvan, Scotland, is strictly by invitation only.  Since it opened in October 2018, Ms Lesley Gracie, Master Distiller of Hendrick’s Gin, has welcomed over 1,700 international guests from the realms of bartending, media, and culture, sharing the secrets of the creation of this most unusual gin.

While Ms Lesley Gracie continues to experiment in her lab at the Hendrick’s Gin Palace, due to COVID-19 she is temporarily unable to welcome guests to her wonderful playground, so Hendrick’s needed to utilise another way to bring its most peculiar process of making gin to the world.  A cinematic tour of the distillery, which marries the real and surreal brand worlds of Hendrick’s whilst being simultaneously educating and entertaining, proved to be just the ticket.

The film was designed to bridge the gap between the hyper-real Hendrick’s brand world and the very real Hendrick’s Gin Palace and provide a greater understanding about the highly inefficient and remarkably peculiar process that goes into making Hendrick’s Gin.  The film was produced by Saturday Studios, directed by BLOK, the script tweaked by the brilliant Joe Coles and stars Hendrick’s Global Brand Ambassador, Ally Martin and The Gazebo Effect’s Max Berendt.

Lisa Fitzsimons, Hendrick’s Gin Global Marketing Manager at William Grant & Sons, comments:  “The Hendrick’s brand world is a wonderland of Victorian surrealism; a journey for the curious, ceaselessly provoking the imagination and beckoning those who enter with continuous surprise, delight, and wonder.  The distinctive brand world is consistently brought to life through imaginative experiences and communications that have resulted in strong brand equity metrics, demonstrating the power of consistent brand legacy and the strength of creativity.  This is backed up by an unrivalled experience at the Hendrick’s Gin Palace for bartender advocacy and influencer engagement.  We’re now excited to offer fans of the brand a rare glimpse behind the scenes at our resplendent distillery with this new film”.

Steve Cardwell, Saturday Studios, producer of the Hendrick’s Gin Palace distillery tour film: “What started as a simple liquid education video became a theatrical piece of entertainment using the production process of Hendrick’s and the backdrop of the Hendrick’s Gin Palace as the narrative. Using a mixture of real footage, animation, and dream sequences, we brought the hyper-real brand world to life while remaining rooted in the real but surreal brand home of the Hendrick’s Gin Palace. It was a careful balance between providing genuinely useful and real details of the production process and the use of film magic and animation wizardry to keep Hendrick’s signature energy. We wanted to be true to the brand and use the real people behind its creation, yet support them with professional actors to deliver the right level of finesse.”

Source: Hendrick’s Gin

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