HOM Build Their UK Healthy Snacking Reputation With UK Launch of 3 All-Natural Macadamia-Fuelled Bars

Following hot on the heels of the launch of their ‘fine snacking’ macadamia pouches, House of Macadamias are equally proud to announce the nationwide launch of their 3 best-selling, health-conscious tree nut bars – chocolate coconut, salted caramel & dark chocolate macadamia that will also be taking to UK high streets this July:  WH Smiths, Planet Organic & Partridges.  

Whilst it was felt that the launch of HOM ‘sharing pouches’ was central to building consumer intrigue and enthusiasm for this nutritiously-dense ‘superseed,’ it was also decided that our wholesome bars could no longer sit on the sidelines whilst growing numbers of so-called, better-for-you snack bars continued to dominate the grab-and-go aisles despite being littered with sugar, salt, ‘bad fats’ and cheap fillers.  

According to Brand co-owner, Brandon Hiemstra, ‘As a transparent brand that makes no bones about the fact that macadamias will always be the first name on our ingredient decks (between 45-98% content), we are equally clear that will never denigrate their discerning reputation or our wider wellness focus by surrounding them with refined sugar, cheap fillers or any synthetic nasties’ 

The low calorie, high protein nature of these 100% natural, plant-based bars means that they’re perfectly suited to provide a timely on-the-go energy boost, a mood enhancing high or a well-deserved wholesome timeout means that that they appeal to both ardent snackers and specialist diet advocates (keto, vegan, paleo…)

Source: House of Macadamias

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