Honest Industry Advice Enables Seed Snacks to Steer NEW, Balanced Pathway & Enjoy Full ‘Ripple Effect’ of Bold Recipe Revamp

April 2021 sees a bolder looking, ‘recipe invigorated’ Seed Snacks head to market, having spent Lockdown re-affirming its credentials as a tasty, nutritionally-empowered advocate for well-balanced, vegan snacking with a deliciously distinct, lightly baked profile.

Ever since being chosen for one of The Seed Fund’s sought-after philanthropic internships, Susan & Juliette instinctively knew Seed Snacks was bringing something ‘deliciously distinct’ to a fast-moving, vegan snacking movement dominated by fruit & veg crisps, protein balls, flavoured nuts & granola bars. 

Pep & Lekker

Situated intriguingly somewhere between crackers and savoury biscuits on the fine snacking spectrum, Seed Snacks is a unique range of gut-friendly, gluten-free snacks that bristle with  full-bodied flavours & healthy convictions, whilst presenting nutritious seeds in a satisfyingly crunchy, ‘easy to eat’ format. YET, despite countless ‘early doors’ successes and the establishment of an ardent loyalist following, Susan & Juliette were only too aware that their fledgling range wasn’t fulfilling its wholesome potential.

According to co-founder, Susan Gafsen‘As outsiders to the artisan food community, Juliette and I have never been afraid to listen to feedback, learn and adapt. During Lockdown we were fortunate enough to procure honest, meaningful feedback from a handful of ‘leading light’ retailers impatient for us to take the next big step.  The broad consensus was that whilst our gluten-free treats showcased seeds in a bold, versatile snacking light, our well-intentioned quest to tick every imaginable wellbeing tick box had unwittingly dented our mainstream appeal.’

The simple substitution of sunflower oil for pure olive oil, a subtle down-weighting of chia seeds, the introduction of a little date syrup to our two sweet offerings and the move to thicker, sublimely crunchy formats have resulted in a vastly superior range of moreish, baked snacks bursting with nutritional worth.  

‘Better still,’ concludes Susan‘is the fact that we’ve amplified the appetite appeal and messaging of our packaging and introduced a new, non-crinkly recyclable pouch which means from now we’ll truly sing from the shelves!’ 

Source: Pep & Lekker

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