HPP JUICES & SMOOTHIES With Added Vitamins Join ASDA’S Ambitious Health Bay Agenda

Coldpress, the UK’s original HPP (high pressure processed) cold-pressed juice and smoothie provider has been invited to introduce 3 of its fortified with essential vitamins smoothies, the only orange juice with added vitamins and ‘hero’ juice (Pink Lady) to Asda’s trailblazing Health Bay being trialled in 170 stores from November 21.

There’s little doubt that premium tier juices and smoothies are enjoying a well-deserved renaissance in recent times, a fitting beneficiary of our nation’s increasingly health-conscious outlook that has taken shape during the pandemic.  Once an undeserving target of the boorish, anti ‘natural sugars’ lobby, a number of ahead-of-the-curve juices and smoothies have gone back to the drawing board and reinvented themselves as a common-sense healthier living essential for both stay-at-home workforces and returning commuters.

According to Andrew Gibb, Coldpress founder‘As excited as we were to be Europe’s 1st HPP juice and smoothie provider back in 2011, the simple reality was that we whilst we over-indexed in terms of extra freshness and fuller flavours, we hadn’t gone as far as we perhaps we might have championing good nutrition and a well-rounded functional benefit agenda.  Latest sales data shows that juices that commit to fortifying with energy-boosting vitamins (B,D & E) resonate well with consumers looking to stay healthy however busy life gets.’

The last year has been one of meteoric change for this ambitious British-based business including:       

– The creation of a state-of-the-art, Spanish production facility (consolidating of two historical sites) which has significantly increased production capacity to above 13m litres a year

-An export operation which has now spread to 12 countries (+ counting), 

– An ongoing commitment to increase further rpet content within Coldpress’s distinct hexagonal bottles

– The popular move from black to neutral-coloured caps for seamless recycling purposes

Source: Coldpress

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