Hunter & Gather Expands Its Collagen Supplement Offer

Marine Collagen from sustainably caught/North Atlantic white fish

Following on from the success of its top tier bovine collagen peptides, it was only a matter of time before Hunter & Gather took the plunge into the North Atlantic and extended its dietary supplements portfolio into marine collagen; appealing to those ‘healthier living’ individuals for whom whey or dairy-based protein (due to allergies) is simply a non-starter.

As one has invariably come to expect from ketogenic pioneers Hunter & Gather, any new launch was inevitably going to set a new benchmark regarding what best-in-class looks like, which is why Hunter & Gather’s Marine Collagen is only ever made from sustainably caught white fish (Vs farmed fish) that’s free from GMOs and never dabbles with any ‘padding out’ bulkers or fillers thereby maximising its purity, bioavailability and digestibility.

According to Hunter & Gather founder, Jeff Webster‘the constant thread behind Hunter & Gather’s expanding portfolio is a return to basics/common-sense thinking, recalibrating everyday eating habits to compensate for the fact that unlike our hunter gatherer ancestors we’re less likely to sip bone broth, chow down on tendons or the entire nose to tail of an animal, which is why we now champion two, easy-to-use *collagen powder propositions (mixes effortlessly into your favourite hot/cold beverage, smoothie….) that can bridge the growing chasm that exists between collagen requirements and intake.’ 

*  collagen is the main structural that forms the connective tissue throughout our body from skin, bones and muscles to tendons and ligaments.  Simply put, a body’s collagen are the ropes of protein in the skin, that start to sag and fray as we get older.  

Source: Hunter & Gather

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