Iceland launches the first ever frozen SPAM® Cheesy Fritter

The famous SPAM® Fritter, loved by thousands across the UK, just got even better. Now this iconic fritter has the addition of cheese – a perfect combination that gives a new twist to this succulent fritter. Available in Iceland, the new frozen SPAM® Cheesy Fritter can be oven cooked straight from the freezer in just 20-25 minutes.

Jelsey Barnes, Commercial Sales Manager at Hormel Foods Corporation, commented: “Following the successful launch of frozen SPAM® Fritters in Iceland and Morrisons back in 2020, this new combination brings a whole new twist to our popular fritter. SPAM® and Cheese complement each other perfectly and have always been a favourite pairing among SPAM® Fans. There’s no need to make SPAM® Fritters from scratch any more, just conveniently heat in the oven and enjoy at home for breakfast, lunch or dinner.”

Made from prime shoulder pork and leg ham, this trusted family favourite of succulent pieces of SPAM® Chopped Pork and Ham and melted cheese, wrapped in a light, crispy golden batter, makes the perfect meal or snack accompaniment at any time of day. Serve with egg and beans for a hearty breakfast, with chips or mash and mushy peas for a tasty tea or TV dinner.

Available now from Iceland, the UK’s leading frozen food specialist. The pack of two frozen SPAM® Cheesy Fritters retails for around £2.25 for a 250g pack.

Source: Hormel Foods Corporation

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