In a 2020 version of a letter to Santa, Carrefour shows its commitment towards customers for this particular Christmas #TheLetterToSanta

The production features real Carrefour employees and shows their mobilization in the field, from the cashier to the Drive manager, including the pastry chef preparing the Yule log, all at the service of customers… 

This Christmas film “The Letter” is the brand’s first “group” film, as it will also be broadcasted in Belgium, Spain, Italy, Poland, Romania and Argentina, with some adaptations to stick as closely as possible to local cultures, such as the Christmas dessert scene. 



Carrefour is mobilized to support its customers in all the stages of preparations for the end of the year celebrations, from meals to gift ideas for slipping under the tree.

Alongside the film “The Letter”, the brand is broadcasting five short films:  

· A film on the possibility of ordering toys on and picking them up through the Drive. 

· A film about the Playmobil Market Truck at an unbeatable price, if the customer finds it cheaper elsewhere, Carrefour reimburses the price difference twice.

Three short films on the value for money of Carrefour brand products for holiday meals: 

· The Duchess Potatoes Carrefour without colouring or preservatives at 0.99 € per bag of 600 g. 

· Carrefour Quality smoked salmon, grown without any antibiotic treatment, from Norway at € 7.99 the eight slices. 

· The Carrefour noix de Saint Jacques (scallops) with coral at € 5.50 for 18-35 pieces. 



An ONLINE communication device completes the TV campaign:

· Social and digital relay of interviews by our Carrefour employees mobilized for Christmas and who participated in the film. 

· An operation called “Small messages make a big Christmas” so that grandparents can win the delivery of a gourmet basket with a personalized message from their grandchildren. 

· A radio campaign during six weeks on the best holiday products at low prices also pushed through the press, such as the chestnut yule log created by Jean Imbert exclusively at Carrefour at 11.90€ for six people, or “the Igloo” Carrefour Extra iced dessert in its original shape at 7.99€ for 565g. 

TV broadcast of the film ” The Letter ” 60”, 40″ and 15” in France 

· The film in its event-driven long format (60 seconds) will be broadcast from November 22nd on TF1 at around 8:40 pm and around 9:35 pm on M6, then on a few strong placements such as on the 4th of December for the final of Koh Lanta on TF1. 

· A 40-second version will take over, accompanied by the five short formats, until the 27th of December (toys until the 6th and then holiday food). 

« Santa doesn’t forget anyone. »

Carrefour called on Publicis Conseil and Rudi Rosenberg for the production of this communication, and Arena Media for advice on media purchase.



France and Group Marketing Department: Amélie Oudéa-Castéra, Nathalie Jacquier, Pierre Vinogradoff, Caroline Benoist, Jennifer Peyre, Charlotte Moronval, Sophie Boue

Agency: Publicis

President overseeing creativity: Marco Venturelli

Agency managers: Christian Verger, Marie Wallet, Aurélie Fossoux, Clarisse Lesaffre, Brigitte Besson. 

Creative Directors: Jean-François Goize

Creatives : Aurélie Breton, Bénédicte Pelletan, Edgar Heusch, Morgan Carrio

Strategic Planning: Christophe Defaye

Social media strategy: Gautier Rennes, Clara Colonna 

Agency Producer: Benjamin Auberdiac 

Post-production Prodigious: Nathalie de Ramecourt 

Production: Insurrection

Director: Rudi Rosenberg

Producer : Helene Daubert

Production Director : Benoît Roques

Post-prod Insurgency Manager: Nathalie Catanzano

Design : Muriel Dantard 

DOP: Peter Riis 

Head Decorator : Pascaline Feutry / Gaël Leroux 

Production Coordinator: Carole Guy

Digital producer and BTS: Katya Mokolo, Mounia Mebarki

Chief Editor: Delphine Genest

Sound Production: Prodigious

Sound Producer : Frédéric Prados 

Post-production image:


Post-production manager: Nathalie de Ramecourt 

Arena média

Laurent Broca – Celine Baeza, Natacha Attias, Alexandre Matet, Lou-Eve Repussard, Walid Ben Tili, Gaëlle Tignat

Operation “Small messages make a big Christmas”: Marcel Worldwide

Clément Sechet, Nathalie Do Dang Vinh, Margaux Saltiel, Amelie Kieny, Yoann Monin et Aymeric Chevallier

Source: Publicis Conseil

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