Introducing The Fresh Mint For The Busy Modern Individual, Mask Mints!

Mask breath getting you down? Morning commute a bit of a stink? Then look no further, introducing the fresh mint for the busy modern individual, Mask Mints!

Due to the pandemic, the introduction of wearing masks on public transport meant that, unfortunately, many of us were left tasting our own breath whilst commuting or travelling in between meetings. Branding and packaging design agency Deuce Studio decided to address the need for an easy, on-the-go solution for the dreaded mask breath. Their idea was to create Mask Mints, a convenient pocket-sized solution with professional, time-poor commuters in mind.

Mask Mints

To package the mints, Deuce Studio said they chose a classic, slimline tobacco tin as a professional addition to fit right alongside your everyday items such as your phone or cardholder. To juxtapose the tongue in cheek concept and to add a hint of class, the design of the tins was based on vintage signage and packaging from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, featuring elegant typography and the fictional inventor of Mask Mints, Mr Fitzgerald. The smaller supporting graphics and copy add contemporary touches to bring the whole design back down to earth, encapsulated by the brand motto ‘A Classic Mint For The New Normal’.

Mask Mints

Deuce Studio produced and sent out a limited number of Mask Mints to a few lucky commuters and created some extra supporting design around the campaign, including a custom delivery box, out-of-home advertising and, of course, a branded mask.

Source: Deuce Studio

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