Is Malibu’s advertising campaign the start of an ongoing advertising trend?

Pernod Ricard Netherlands and social first marketing agency GoSpooky have launched an OOH-activated Snapchat AR game, in celebration of Malibu’s new summer flavor Malibu Lime. These interactive gamified AR lenses, part of the summer campaign “A Bit of Sunshine”, are Malibu’s response to the rapidly growing role of augmented reality in the lives of digital natives.

The first game, Malibu Tropical Parkour, leverages Snapchat’s innovative AR Marker Tech: a technology that brings to life billboards, product packaging and even buildings through augmented reality. After scanning the Snapcode on Malibu’s out of home advertising, simply point your camera at the poster and play the game directly on the digitally enhanced poster that appears on your screen. GoSpooky is responsible for the concepts, creation and full development of the AR lenses.

Ongeziwe Lupuwana, Brand Manager, Pernod Ricard: “Malibu is always looking for innovative ways to stay relevant. Augmented reality offers new possibilities – it is the perfect way for us to bring this campaign to life. ”

Naique Tanate, Strategy Director, GoSpooky: “AR is playing an increasingly important role in the lives of young people. It started out with face filters, but AR is becoming an extra lens with which young people look at the world, making every possible surface an advertising opportunity. In the near future, consumers will expect the possibility to interact with the world around them. With the launch of Malibu Tropical Parkour on Snapchat in collaboration with Pernod Ricard Netherlands, we’re taking the next step in the development of branded augmented reality.”

In addition to the out of home campaign, the AR lenses will also be promoted in the Netherlands on Instagram and Snapchat through advertisements and influencers.

Watch the video or play Malibu Tropical Parkour yourself by scanning the Snapcode:

Source: GoSpooky

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