iSqueeze launch Citrocasa Fantastic eXpress

~The ultimate in self-service juicing technology~

iSqueeze, the UK’s largest provider of commercial juice machines is shaking up the market, with the Fantastic eXpress from Citrocasa the latest in self-service technology.

The new machine is a game changer for busy convenience stores and supermarkets, who can rely on the latest technology to run itself, meaning increased value and revenue to store operations. The juicer is self-service from start to finish of the juicing process; from its ability to automatically feed the oranges (17kg fruit capacity), to the cleaning system ensuring the machine is ready within seconds.*

The new machine encompasses high tech functions like intelligent stop for improved waste management, precision cutting for excellent juice purity, and language independent 3.5’’ touch display with illustrated guides. It is made of food-grade stainless steel for improved hygiene and outstanding durability. Juice bottles are available in size formats, 250ml (priced between £1.50 – £2.50), 330ml (priced between £2 – £2.80), 500ml (priced between £3 – £4) and 1 litre (priced between £4.25 – £6.)

iSqueeze distributes machines to people’s favourite supermarkets and pit stops to give people a fresh juice hit on-the-go without preservatives or sweeteners, never from concentrate, unlike many competitors found in the chilled sector of retailers. iSqueeze also supply the pre-labelled, self-sealing bottles, meaning businesses are provided with all elements needed under one distribution channel.

The Citrocasa Fantastic eXpress adds to iSqueeze’s catalogue of juicers, premium blenders, smoothie makers, and slush machines supplying leading brands including Sainsbury’s, Co-Op, Nisa, Costcutter, Spar, Compass, Muriel’s Kitchen with a partner retention rate of over 95%. 

Elias Ebert, Managing Director, iSqueeze says ‘‘When iSqueeze first launched in 2011 there was a big gap in the market for businesses to provide freshly squeezed juice for its customers. We are now the leading provider of commercial juice machines, the partner of choice for a growing number of businesses, as we provide solutions to boost their bottom line. From vetting the latest technology, offering businesses flexible payment options, full and speedy maintenance cover, through to supplying quality juicing oranges from around the world and the pre-labelled self-sealing bottles you see in retailers. Our team offers businesses around the UK and Ireland added value, by increasing its revenue stream, and ultimately offer a stronger customer experience.’’

Elias Ebert

During a visit to Europe, while seeking medical care for his son, Elias Ebert (iSqueeze founder, Pictured Above) came across self-service juice machines in convenience stores and supermarkets. Wowed by the idea, the freshness and theatre, iSqueeze was launched to the UK in 2011. The mission, to bring health to the nation and make freshly squeezed juice as popular as coffee. How? We hear you say. By providing businesses with the latest juicing equipment, a concept already taking Europe by storm! Today iSqueeze is the largest UK provider of juicing equipment with machines in retailers, cafes/restaurants, farm shops, hospitals, gyms, convenience stores AND MORE nationwide.
In 2015 iSqueeze partnered with commercial juice machine brand Citrocasa aka the ‘Mercedes of citrus juicers’, offering a smart revenue driver to boost businesses bottom line, with flexible payment options, and full and speedy maintenance of machines.

Source: iSqueeze

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