Jackpot’s New Pot With Conran Shop

Jackpot Peanut Butter, the activist British brand inspired by alternative pop culture, has created ‘Jackpot X Conran’ – its first-ever custom pot for famed retail outlet, The Conran Shop. 

Known as the home of iconic designs and future classics, the central London store has stocked Jackpot since 2018 and it remains its only peanut butter.  The collaboration follows Jackpot’s principle of ceding control of its brand to key cultural influencers across various disciplines. 

As with all Jackpot’s sales, £1 from every pot sold both in-store and via the Conran website will be donated to the Music Venue Trust – whose aim is to ‘protect, secure and improve’ grassroots music venues. It’s the key charity trying to keep these much-loved establishments alive in Covid-times. This activism will remain central to Jackpot’s principles. 

Although it’s the brand’s first custom label collaboration with a retailer, Jackpot already uses customisation on its pots to help it stand out in a fast-growing category. This includes featuring quotes from movies – such as the one used for The Conran Shop’s pot, which is taken from Wes Anderson’s ‘Grand Budapest Hotel’.  

Its own D2C website features a pot with an expletive printed on the label – inspired by ‘70s garage rock track “Peener Budder Mudder Fugger” by the band ‘Destroy All Monsters’.  For the meeker-minded, a self-censored version, featuring a scratch-off label, is also available. 

Jackpot’s creator Rupert Leigh said: “Being able to collaborate like this with such a pioneering, switched-on and culturally important retailer is a dream. The fact that they’ve actively bought into our brand social purpose of supporting music culture makes it all the sweeter.” 

Source: Jackpot

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