Killer Buzz Seeks Beverage Acquisitions

KILLER BUZZ CANSCascadia Managing Brands is seeking a beverage acquisition for PBEV, LLC, the makers and marketers of Killer Buzz Energy Drinks.

“We believe Killer Buzz has the bandwidth and funds to make one or two strategic beverage purchases that will help, when combined, all of those brands reach profitability faster while gaining synergies, strength and growth at the distributor level,” stated Bill Sipper , Managing Partner of Cascadia Managing Brands.

“PBEV’s infrastructure is already in place and they are already calling on many distributors,” added Sipper.

Potential brands should target the convenience store channel and have long term opportunities in the food service, grocery, mass market, and drug channels.

“Ingredients, calorie count, and fat content are important, but not completely necessary to tap our client’s infrastructure as well as distributor and retailer relationships.”

PBEV is searching for a brand that has existing sales, product appeal, a point of difference, and fits nicely into the current portfolio of products.

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