K’s Wors Broadens Its Sausage Horizons With Boerewors Style Chipolatas & Cocktails Sausages

Manchester-based fine sausage supremos, K’s Wors are broadening their sausage horizons this Autumn with two more deliciously decadent derivations of their highly-prized boerewors, which will include Chakalaka chipolatas (mid-Sept) and some prodigiously proportioned cocktail boerewors (Nov 22). 

According to K’S Wors founder, Dee Mapasure‘Although ingredient authenticity and World Cuisine appreciation are two unshakeable strands of our gourmet boerewors business, so is an ongoing commitment to category innovation.  Over the last 12 months we’ve been inundated by requests from both retailers and end consumers to take our deliciously distinct coarse meat recipes into more everyday, pre-portioned formats.  Boerewors like the British Cumberland have historically been restricted in their usage occasions by their unwieldly ‘tightly coiled’ format, whilst the creation of easier-to-navigate chipolatas opens the doors to a greater number of usage occasions (baps, cooked breakfasts, toad-in-the-hole, sausage rolls, winter casseroles) for our eager-to-please boerewors.’

The creation of two NEW; easier-to-appreciate formats will certainly not result in any ingredient skimping OR quality compromises because boerewors are highly-prized recipes protected by law in some quarters of the world.

The presence of a festive option is particularly pleasing for Dee who has worked tirelessly over the years to extend boerewors all-year around appeal, as this primarily a summer treat that does especially well during the BBQ/braai season.  ‘I’ve long thought,’ continues Dee, ‘that our highly spiced boerewors are perfectly suited to the festive period, be that single-bite cocktail boerewors OR boerewors in blankets.

  • K’s Wors is sold in Ocado, Costco (summer season) and across a nationwide network of delis, food halls, Afro-Caribbean stores & Indies. 
  • Export is yet another thriving strand Of K’s Wors success 
  • 12 Chakalaka Chipolatas 340g £3.79 (mid-Sept) 
  • 24 Cocktail boerewors with top notes of coriander & thyme £3.79 (Nov 22)   

Source: K’s Wors

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