K’s Wors Launches Pork-based Boerewors that Marries Authentic Southern African Seasonings With Traditional British Banger Leanings

This July sees the eagerly anticipated unveiling of K’s Wors latest fine sausage offering, a pork-themed boerewors that provides the perfect coupling of traditional Southern African fayre with Britain’s finest sausage traditions

The culmination of a quite incredible sporting summer (Euros, Wimbledon, Lion’s Tour Olympics…) and a resurgence of garden gatherings for friends & family thanks to the long overdue relaxing of Lockdown measures means that in recent weeks the nation’s BBQs, braais and log-burners have been working at full tilt providing fantastical outdoor fayre  

Boerewors are a veritable feast of a tightly coiled/full-bodied banger made to deliciously distinct Southern African guidelines.  Boerewors can be made with beef, lamb, goat, game or pork (or a blend of the aforementioned) on the strict proviso that the finished product contains a minimum of 90% coarsely-cut meat (less than 30% fat) a splash of water and an authentic, coriander-themed seasoning (a sumptuous blend of coriander, black pepper, nutmeg, allspice and cloves).  

With an extensive collection of Boerewors that already includes Chilli, Chilli & Garlic, Chakalaka & Countystyle,Dee and her K’s Wors team wanted to create an all-pork boerewors that doffed its cap to our island’s finest sausage traditions.

According to K’s Wors founder‘the growing influences of gastronomic thinking and World Cuisine means that our boerewors have built an incredible following in recent months (Ocado, Costco, Online PLUS an enviable nationwide network of independent delis, convenience stores, garden centres, Afro-Caribbean stores and wholesalers) that has tapped in this nation’s appreciation for a first-rate banger that marries authentic African spice blends with best-in-class British meats.  The creation of a pork-based boerewors seemed like a perfectly sensible ‘next step’ bridging exercise merging best British sausage thinking with sound Boerewors principles.

Source: K’s Wors

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