LOVE reveals new champagne bar experience for Moët & Chandon at Selfridges

Moët & Chandon has launched a large-scale pop-up experience at Selfridges that celebrates London and the history of the champagne brand throughout the decades.  

Designed by UK creative agency LOVE and produced by Harlequin Design, the installation has as its centre piece a gleaming, giant glass telephone box, in a nod to one of London’s most recognisable icons. London Calling at Selfridges is the latest in a series of pop-up concept stores by Moët & Chandon parent company LVMH, designed in partnership with LOVE. 

It features a mobile-free bar area, a circular banquette in the main installation and a display of historic photographs showing familiar London moments that feature Moët. Ranging from 1908 to the 1990s, these include occasions such as the band Queen celebrating its Killer Queen release and the birth of Princess Anne’s child Peter Phillips. Visitors can also sample cocktails, book champagne tastings and masterclasses, and buy personalised gift boxes.

Detail and sophistication

The design has clean, sleek lines and features white, black and dusty Moët pink. It offers a luxury experience that gives shoppers a chance to pause and engage with the history of the brand, while sampling it in new forms. 

The power of the pop-up

The series of LVMH pop-ups designed by LOVE launched last year with Le Tram, a floor-to-ceiling French-tram inspired space for Veuve Clicquot which also featured an intimate bar, bespoke cocktails and personalised gift boxes. 

Dave Palmer, Executive Creative Director at LOVE, says: “An experiential pop-up can be an effective platform for a brand to appear in the physical world in a disruptive and engaging way. It allows brands to engage with consumers, and when executed well, can by a crucial part of the marketing mix. London Calling does just that, allowing visitors to engage with and sample the iconic Moët brand.”

Source: LOVE

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