Made For Drink Makes Audacious Move Into UK’s £1 Billion Potato Crisp Category With ‘Chicken Salt’ & ‘Tapas’ Fries

Having spent the last four years forging a proud reputation as a provider of indulgent, meat-themed snacks that shout ‘Friday night’ and pair seamlessly with one’s favourite alcoholic drink; it was perhaps inevitable that Made for Drink would take its unique brand of ‘Inspired by World Cuisine’ thinking into a historically ‘set-in-its ways,’ potato chips category.

Made For Drink

Chicken Salt Fries (150g) – Don’t be fooled by the name, this is an umami packed vegetarian treat loved across Australia. Thin cut potato fries seasoned with ‘Chicken Salt.’ It was made famous by seasoning house Mitani in the 1970’s who the brand has worked with to create this Australian food icon for Britain’s retail shelves – made for a Cold Beer

Tapas Fries (125g) – Made for Drink’s ‘tapas in a bag’ is a delicious mix of thin cut Patatas Fritas (straw fries) and crisp slices of authentic Spanish chorizo, seasoned with olives, sun-ripened tomatoes and paprika.  Simple, timeless and intensely delicious ‘slow food’ snacking – made for Aperitivo 

According to Made for Drink founder, Dan Featherstone‘Having taken the time we needed to bed down as a business, team and a brand, we felt 2021 was the perfect moment to build upon a blossoming off-trade/online reputation by taking an ambitious ‘next step’ into the £1billion potato crisp category. We have shown our ability to bring new foodie shoppers into the snack’s category through our unique brand proposition, products and reputation. We’ve had this idea for a range of ‘Fries’ products for some time, in fact we’ve been buzzing about it for ages and they are absolutely delicious. They will be our biggest and best-selling products; they are that good.’

Both lines launch in April 21 into Sainsburys, and throughout the independent sector.

Source: Made For Drink

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