Made For Drink Once Again Treads the On-Trade & Hospitality Sector Boards

As a small, family business that set out to create the world’s best bar snacks, it’s interesting to note that 2023 will be the moment that Made for Drink, a brand with an enviable supermarket footprint once again revisits the often overlooked On Trade and hospitality sectors via Harvey & Brockless with renewed gusto.

It’s a ‘full circle’ moment for Dan Featherstone and his team, who to this very day cite their Heston’s Crown pub in Bray listing as the all-important breakthrough moment that enabled them to succeed on both sides of the on-trade/off trade divide; creating an array of intensely delicious bar snacks that pair effortlessly with one’s favourite alcoholic tipples.

Dan sees his 2023 on-trade push as an inevitable next step for his ambitious fine snacking offer.  ‘Whether we’re talking sublime biltong made with 100% grass-fed Irish beef, intensely crunchy English truffle crisps, moreish Chicken Salt fries and Pork Crunch Or our pioneering Chorizo Thins, the over-arching mission of Made for Drink remains the same; namely to provide common sense trade-up snacking opportunities for ambitious on-trade operators.’

In 2023, Dinner by Heston (part of Fat Duck Group) & The Metropolitan Pub Group will become a showcase for Made for Drink’s latest fine-snacking push, providing Berkshire’s leading artisanal snack provider not only with enviable access to their prized bar snacks menu but the opportunity to offer an extra layer of discernment to some of the pub group’s most iconic light meals (e.g. Chorizo Thins as a decadent Macaroni Cheese topping).

‘For a while now we’ve wanted to create bespoke catering tubs (600g) and giant size Chorizo packets (750g) that allowed our business to make significant on-trade strides, whilst also providing catering staff with the scope to create an added layer of simple but much appreciated ‘foodie theatre.’

So if you happen to be a pub or a bar with a strong track record in fine food that’s keen to raise its straight from the kitchen fine snacking offer, the Made for Drink team would love to talk to you!

Source: Made for Drink

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