Makan Snacks launches Fava Beans, a savoury vegan snack

Makan Snacks has launched its brand-new savoury range of Crunchy Roasted Fava Beans, containing one third less fat than nuts, and high in fibre and protein. Fava Beans are a perfect alternative to nuts or crisps, and a pack a day keeps the afternoon hunger at bay. The range is available in three flavours – sea salt & balsamic vinegar, simply sea salt and miso & seaweed. 

“The purpose of Makan Snacks is to make tasty snacks that are nutritionally dense, made with real ingredients and good for the planet. Our Fava Beans are everything you want in a crisp, and everything you need from a plant.”, said Claire Dinan, Founder of Makan Snacks who started the business in 2017 from her kitchen. 

“Makan means ‘eat’ in Bahasa Melayu and it reminds me of my favourite moments growing up in Malaysia. I love making healthy, sustainable and tasty snacks. Makan is my way of sharing that love and joy with open-minded eaters looking for more sustainable choices”, added Claire.

Beans are one of the most sustainable sources of protein and they fix nitrogen in the soil to help plants around them grow. Made in Britain, the Fava Beans range are a healthier alternative to crisps, vegan and made using all-natural ingredients. Fava Beans haven’t been processed to remove any fats – they are naturally low in fat and high in protein and fibre, keeping you fuller for longer. 

Source: Makan Snacks

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