With Easter just over the next hill, this is the time of year where grills and toasters are primed to receive their next batch of gloriously soft and fruited Hot Cross Buns that can be loaded with butter jam or whatever other joys can be found down the spreads aisle.

Not Cross Buns are light, happy buns geared specifically at the Low Carb community, making them ideally suited for anyone seeking to manage their weight, diabetics or followers of keto learnings.

Not only do our packed with cinnamon, spice and all things nice ‘Not Cross’ buns contain no milk or soya they work out at only a miserly 4.7g carbs per bun (Vs a traditional 35g of carb everyday bun – NO WONDER IT’S CROSS & GRUMPY!)  

Now it’s true that the strictest keto follower may still stay clear of our buns since they do contain wheat gluten and sultanas but if you’re low carb or deploy keto learnings with a light touch (dirty keto) these are just the plump, happy buns for you!

According to SRSLY founder, Andy Welch‘Our business was born specifically to help low carb enthusiasts stay true to their new healthier living agenda, because seeking to remove the needless sugar, lazy carbs and unnecessary filler ingredients from one’s diet should never mean denying yourself your daily bready joy (rolls, fruit loaves, wraps, pizza, seeded loaves….).

Source: SRSLY

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