Meatless Farm and Adverttu Show Off the Power of OOH Swarming

Branded cars descended on vegan drive-thru with a touch of a button

Plant-based food brand Meatless Farm has used Adverttu’s innovative OOH Swarming capability to increase brand visibility at its recent meat free pop up drive thru.

Adverttu’s activations are part of Meatless Farm’s national M*** F*** campaign, where the plant-based food brand has a fleet of branded electric cars currently driving around London. By activating Adverttu’s Swarming feature, this roving advertising fleet congregated around Meatless Farm’s drive thru on-demand.

Swarming is an easy-to-deploy campaign add-on for Adverttu’s OOH advertising platform. Brands and advertisers can activate a swarm at any time, at which an automated call is issued to drivers via Adverttu’s app and an incentive is offered. This prompts an instant boost in brand awareness as drivers respond to the call, attend safely in their cars, and receive their reward.

Brands and businesses are using Adverttu’s OOH Swarming to:

  • Enhance popup marketing events and deliver greater return on investment
  • Draw shoppers and consumers into nearby retail outlets
  • Capture attention outside high footfall locations: e.g. transport hubs, commercial districts
  • Emphasise campaign messaging with concentrated OOH activity
  • Cost effectively target hyper local sites in a matter of minutes.

Artjom Jekimtsev, CEO and founder of Adverttu, said: “Our breakthrough capabilities like Swarming are unseen in the OOH market. Adverttu’s memorable on-car advertising is eye-catching already, however sometimes brands need a short burst of activity in a specific location. Before Adverttu, brands were at the mercy of static OOH ad estates and even if they used transit media, ads were typically set to unchangeable routes. The freedom, flexibility and near-instant reactiveness offered by swarming is what advertisers need from their OOH campaigns in this digital era.”

Meatless Farm’s branded electric cars will generate 10,140,630 impressions across its entire campaign, a number guaranteed at the start of the campaign. Adverttu campaigns are based on impressions rather than time in market and are adaptable and reactive to traffic changes in real time. This real-time visibility and measurement is made possible through Adverttu’s AI-powered simulation and modelling capabilities that draw on 28 live data sources.

Meatless Farm can analyse and optimise any part of its Adverttu campaign, right down to a single car, at any time. This includes Adverttu’s digital capabilities that allow Meatless Farm to distribute complementary messages to anyone a branded car passes by in close proximity. This is delivered through shadowfencing.

Source: Adverttu

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