MIX IT GOOD – Belu launches a range of tonics and mixers.

Distil Studio have helped Belu jump into the premium mixers market with a bold and confident splash, officially launching today. 

Neil Hedger, Creative Partner – “Shifting Belu from their mineral water origins into a drinks category synonymous with stories of ingredients and flavour experiences required some extra bold thinking. The real crux of the design challenge was to increase brand exposure, and to build awareness of Belu’s purpose; to change the way the world sees water. As Belu grow their product ranges they continue to give all of their profits to WaterAid, helping to bring clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene to communities around the world.’

“The premium ingredients in these mixers rival the very best brands out there, but Belu’s unique story is the most important ingredient of all. Each variant is signed off with messages that support the Belu story – ‘ flavoured with purpose’… ‘with a thirst for change’… ‘made for action’. The entire offering is wrapped up with a ‘mix it good’ positioning, one that promotes great taste whilst also celebrating Belu’s pledge to create a better world for people and planet.”

Distil Studio

Fiona Curran, Creative Partner – “From a visual perspective, the mixers range was the perfect opportunity to push the core brand like never before. Taking the name BELU with it’s roots in the colour blue, and literally mixing it up, introducing a vibrant use of colour to match the boldness of the core brandmark. The ‘mix it good’ positioning is reinforced further with the use of green glass bottles made from the highest recycled content available. Every bottle carries a ‘Belu Green Revolution’ icon, designed to highlight Belu’s excellent environmental credentials”. 

Distil Studio

Beyond the branded bottles, Distil Studio have created a set of visual assets including a graphic bottle pattern and a series commissioned drinks photography to highlight the WaterAid partnership.
Belu mixers are available directly from Belu.org

Distil Studio

Source: Distil Studio

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