New Design For Zero by Chilli

Gullon one of Europe’s leading biscuit manufacturers have relaunched their Zero biscuit brand in the UK through brand design agency CHILLI.

A recent successful entrant into the UK market with their ‘zeroh!’ brand, Gullon felt there was potential for it to do a lot more.

In a category that’s dominated by household brands CHILLI were asked to showcase a new brand that competed for the attention of the shopper and clearly stood for sugar free.

The brand needed its own DNA, a style that was expandable for the brands ambitions and immediately recognizable as being confident, fun and enticing to a wider consumer audience. Offering clear visibility wherever positioned in store.

The design team at CHILLI developed a bold and confident custom logotype that harnessed positivity with a unique smile in the ‘e’ of the identity. The new identity is at the heart of the design, retaining the categories sugar free light blue to ensure recognition, whilst adding an injection of warmth and colour to deliver shelf stand-out and much needed taste appeal.

Gullon UK’s Sales Director Surb Kaur said: “CHILLI have listened to our needs and what was required to re-energise the brand and give it a new lease of life. It’s early days, but the feedback on the brand refresh has been phenomenal and we are already seeing YOY sales increases across the range.”

The new Zero Biscuits are now available across the UK.

Source: CHILLI

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