NEW Orriss & Son Small Batch Sauces set to fire up condiment market

With a rise in demand for food to eat at home set to increase the UK condiment and table sauce market by 5% in 2020*, NEW small batch sauce maker Orriss & Son is well positioned to boost this sector with its range of three fermented chilli condiments – Even Flow, My Wave and Fresh Tendrils.


The brainchild of chef David Underwood, NEW Orriss & Son Small Batch Sauces are deliciously punchy, fermented chilli, ambient condiments, which offer different levels of heat and flavour profile to satisfy the increasing consumer interest in both world cuisine and hot, spicy sauces and dressings. With millions of people spending increased hours at home, 2020 has seen consumers using some of that time to become more inventive in the kitchen and experimenting with flavours from far afield, creating real opportunity for niche brands offering exciting and globally inspired flavours. 

As the ex co-owner of Cambridge’s popular Steak & Honour, famed in the region for its honest, gourmet American style burgers, David comments: “Having worked in restaurants from London to Australia, I’ve always been fascinated by the ability of flavours within cuisine to transcend a country’s culture. I’m a huge fan of spice – especially chillies, as they can bring so many different layers of flavour profile and levels of intensity to a dish – and I’ve long been passionate about creating well-rounded, balanced flavours in my home cooking. That’s why I’ve created this range of small batch sauces to do just that. No fuss, no chopping; everything in each sauce blend is already perfectly balanced and ready for use”.  

Orriss & Son Small Batch Sauces have been developed to bring out the best in any dish, whether consumers are looking to inject a little ‘tang’ into midweek meals or go ‘all-out’ and really impress family and friends with a dinner party extravaganza. Bringing together fresh and dried chillies and peppers, plus tomato and apple juices, cider vinegar and herbs in precise quantities, these expertly blended, readymade seasonings can be used in myriad ways to liven up everyday dishes. Only produced in small batches to ensure maximum freshness and integrity of flavour, NEW Orriss & Son Small Batch Sauces are suitable for: 

·      marinating meat, fish, vegetables or meat-free substitutes pre-cooking; 

·      seasoning slow-cooked, braised dishes during cooking, cutting through richness; 

·      adding to dressings and dipping sauces to bring a unique chilli kick; 

·      splashing neat onto finished dishes to intensify flavour and add balance.

This game-changing, handcrafted range is also vegan and gluten free to cater for the growing number of consumers seeking out products that cater for special dietary requirements. With meat-free food continuing to rise in popularity and 46%** of people agreeing that condiments/dressings are a ‘must-have’ to make plant-based meals more exciting, the new brand allows consumers to customise and adapt their usual repertoire and encourages more adventurous cooking to make mealtimes more inspiring.

The right chilli for the right job!

Times have changed and today it’s not always enough to include generic spices in sauces, condiments and dressings. The growing consumer interest in origin and type of ingredient, its associated flavour profile and heat level means manufacturers are having to be more specific about their choice of ingredients. That’s why Orriss & Son selects distinct types of chillies depending on the flavour intensity and balance required, from hot, fruity habanero to the medium heat of green jalapeno, this is clearly communicated on the bottle. Chillies have also long been known as a good source of protective antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, making them a great addition to a healthy, balanced diet as well as adding taste and ‘zest’. This makes these carefully crafted, chilli condiment sauces an excellent choice for consumers interested in their health as well as authenticity, taste and ultimate convenience. The three variants are: 

‘Even Flow’ (orange label) – Orriss & Son’s Original Recipe Hot Sauce. Based on fiery habanero chilli plus red and smoked chillies, tomato and apple juices, this fruit driven sauce delivers a clear-cut, intense chilli ‘hit’.

‘My Wave’ (blue label) – takes its inspiration from the classic and now familiar piri-piri flavour seasoning. Red chillies and red peppers are combined with background accents of garlic, lemon and bay leaf, to bring a fresh, fruity piquancy and balanced salinity.

‘Fresh Tendrils’ (green label) – based on the subtle heat of fresh green jalapenos, green peppers, apple juice, dried nettles and mint to create a tasty green sauce that imparts a vibrant acidity. It’s a more ‘gentle’, mellow heat that still gives a big tang! 

The vibrant colours of the sauces and complementary, eye-catching livery reflects both the innovative modernity of the brand and encapsulates its connection with the East of England. NEW Orriss & Son Small Batch Sauces are available at an RSP of £7.25 for a 200ml glass bottle which is fully recyclable. In addition to selling from the Orriss & Son’s e-commerce enabled website, the sauces will also be sold via the recently launched Delishops – the unique online trade community designed to help food businesses buy and sell speciality food profitably. Keen to support global charity initiatives, Orriss & Son’s also donate a portion of proceeds from the sale of each bottle to

Source: Orriss & Son

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