nooj Changes The Face of Nut Milk With Its Award-Winning Nut Pastes

nooj scoops gold at Nourish Awards (UK’s Premium Awards for nutritional prowess & recipe integrity)

The dairy-free movement has been the engine room behind free-from’s growth for many years now but that doesn’t mean it’s immune from game-changing innovation, which is what we’re seeing now that the trailblazing nut paste, actively championed by Sainsburys from Day.1, nooj has just secured a prestigious Nourish award.

For a while now, nut milk has been forced to play second fiddle to a vibrant oat milk movement which took advantage of a static nut milk fixture awash with countless samey propositions.   In the blink of an eye nooj introduced fridge-friendly sachets in almond & cashew formats, whilst tackling needless wastage by insisting that the whole unfiltered nut was employed in its production.  More importantly still, nooj refused to trap precious water in packs,  opting instead to offer ardent ‘nut milk enthusiasts’ complete autonomy when it came to choosing their preferred nut milk strength.  

According to nooj founder, Caroline Barton, ‘We’re so proud that our determination to create a truly ground-breaking nut milk experience has not only been embraced by consumers but identified by a leading fine food institution such as Nourish. The fact that one ‘space friendly’ squeezy pouch (150g) makes 2.5 litres with a superior 4% nut content means it not only offers better value in these tough, recessionary times but takes a resolute ethical stance by refusing to become the latest in a long line of wasteful food & drinks products that needlessly trundles precious trapped water hither and thither.’  

Whatever your vegan, milk-alternatives needs might be (smoothies, yogurts, hot beverages OR home-baking….) cost-saving nooj delivers in spades!’

Source: nooj

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