Orang Utan Coffee – The Winning Conservation Project

Case Study: Winner of a SILVER FAB Award for Brand Identity at The 22nd FAB Awards. Project by Distil Studio. We caught up with Neil Hedger, Creative Partner, Distil Studio

Orang Utan Coffee is an important conservation project working with farming communities to protect orangutans and their rainforest home. The project supplies green beans to roasters around the world – including UCC Coffee in the UK.

UCC Coffee roast and pack these beans and are given creative freedom to brand and market the coffee for their specific market. The existing Orang Utan Coffee logo must appear on packaging and point-of-sale applications.

Sumatran orangutans are critically endangered, so we set out to create cut-through branding to inspire as many consumers as possible. We created the clarion call ‘DRINK COFFEE. SAVE ORANGUTANS.’ to bring the plight home with a direct campaign feel. And, unlike these shy and reserved creatures, we designed a vibrant jungle camouflage pattern to achieve maximum stand-out with real character. We named two coffee roasts ‘Dark Forest’ and ‘Canopy Climb’ to complete the story.

Originally briefed as a packaging design project, we saw the opportunity to grow a wider campaign to get a grip on the situation. Our tessellated pattern is supported by a series of direct copy lines – used to visually connect all applications together – from packaging to physical point-of-sale items and motion graphics.

Ground coffee formats are available in Waitrose / Ocado. Orang Utan coffee beans are served in cafés within tourist attractions such as HMS Belfast and Whipsnade Zoo.

“Whilst the plight of orangutans is very serious (from their endangered status to the constant threat of rainforest destruction) we were keen to move away from the doom and gloom and instead create a vibrant celebration of the orangutans that are still here – those we can save.

Our branded pattern is designed to be one continuous tessellation to link all applications together. Viewed from a distance, it has a jungle/camouflage feel that creates a real visual energy on the packs. Closer up, the creatures are united together. We teamed up with renowned animal illustrator Rebecca Sutherland to get the personality and crafting of the creatures just right. And for launch, we commissioned our motion graphics partners Fakery to place the final packaging back into different rainforest environments – it’s where these creatures belong after all.” Neil Hedger, Creative Partner, Distil Studio


Design Agency: Distil Studio
Designers: Fiona Curran, Neil Hedger
Illustrators: Rebecca Sutherland, Fiona Curran
Copywriters: Neil Hedger, Fiona Curran, Natalie Woodhead

Source: FAB News

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