Pearlfisher takes Snow Beer – China’s most iconic beer brand – on an epic new adventure.

Pearlfisher is looking to inspire a new generation of drinkers with a dynamic new packaging design for Snow Beer’s Brave The World: staying true to its challenger-mentality while evolving the visual world of the brand.

Brave The World has not only experienced exceptional growth in its 16 years since launch, but has become the most successful beer brand in China and the best-selling beer, by volume, in the world. But, as the beer category has shifted, and competitors have advanced their branding, Brave The World needed to evolve to connect with its core customers and remain competitive.

Head of Strategy, Kristoffer Fink Parup at Pearlfisher said, “We needed to embrace both the challenger-mentality of the brand, and the ethos of challenge and adventure that is at the very heart of the brand, to open up an exciting new visual world that would connect with the emerging values of the Chinese Gen Z consumer. This audience is expressive, independent, positive and very receptive to what design can convey in terms of values and ambition. This meant that it was key to immediately engage with this target audience on both a visual and emotional level, by truly bringing to life the confident attitude at the heart of the Brave The World brand.”

To evolve the label design, key assets have been optimised by using a raw, tactile and layered aesthetic to create a challenging and daring environment. The enhanced, saturated colours of the snowy mountains are set against a torn and rugged background, adding a sense of adventure and intrigue.

The painted, textured Brave The World logo is now bolder and more significant on the left-hand side of the label. It is deliberately layered and raw to reflect the terrain that the climber would face. The climber icon itself is purposefully not at the mountain’s summit to symbolise the idea of being on a constant journey, setting new challenges and reaching new levels in life. The colours are bold, with hits of bright pink and purple, to inject a new sense of energy and dynamism.

The new-look Snow Beer Brave The World will launch across China from September 1st 2021.

Team Credits:

Founding Partner & Group Creative Director, Jonathan Ford at Pearlfisher

Founding Partner & Group Chairman, Mike Branson at Pearlfisher

Partner, Strategy & Development, Jack Hart at Pearlfisher
Partner, Design & Experience, David Jenkinson at Pearlfisher

Head of Strategy, Kristoffer Fink Parup at Pearlfisher

Design Director, Jess Phillips at Pearlfisher
Client Manager, Miga Cheng at Pearlfisher

Visualisation Director, Jody Gibbs at Pearlfisher

Creative Artworker, Alex Da Silva at Pearlfisher Motions Designer, Sara Distefano at Pearlfisher

Source: Pearlfisher

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