It’s fair to say that no compendium of cake & pud flavoured popcorn is truly complete until it contains a Cherry Bakewell that would make your head spin.  

Cherry Bakewell is actually the 8th flavour in Popcorn Kitchen’s ongoing mission to re-create an immersive popcorn experience of all your favourite childhood ‘sweet tooth’ memories!  Made with gourmet mushroom popcorn, buttery caramel, freeze-dried sour cherries and a discreet all-natural almond flavouring, this is the decadent guilt-free treat that will give you that will simultaneously provide you with that much sought after ‘classic cake’ hit.

Popcorn Kitchen is a dynamic premium tier popcorn provider that exclusively targets the speciality, hospitality sectors, a hero of upmarket hampers, garden centres, delis , indie stores and coffee shops, providing something very different from the usual supermarket fayre.

According to co-founder Andy Valentine, ‘As a business that has tripled in size since Lockdown, we think we now have a really good grasp of what we do & don’t bring to the indulgent popcorn party.  Lacklustre popcorn is simply not our thing, which is why we offer decadent flavours like Lemon Drizzle, Eton Mess, everyone’s favourite wafer-thin mint and vegan brownie in a sublime popcorn format.

£1.49 RSP (30g) 

A proud alliance with Reewild means that a tree is planted for every order of Popcorn Kitchen sold, which it’s hoped will equate to 50,000 trees over the next 5 years

Source: Popcorn Kitchen

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