Purity gets an explosive new concept for ‘JuiceBurst’

Ever seen a product so appealing that it seems like it leaps out of the shelf towards you?

Well that is the appeal Williams Murray Hamm (WMH) wanted to capture in their latest brand concept for Purity Soft Drinks.

Purity has high hopes for it’s ‘JuiceBurst’ brand and now they have an innovative, one-of-a-kind concept to boost their image.

“JuiceBurst looked like an own label product in a clunky bottle. The only way we could make it behave like a brand was create an identity based on the one thing it could own – the best juice on the shelf having a bit of an outburst. The idea is in the name,” comment WMH.

The concept is to have packaging that will feature augmented reality Blippar technology, which will allow consumers who have the Blippar smartphone app to see a film of the fruit exploding. This film will also feature links to Juice Burst social media channels.

WMH created the ‘exploding fruit’ films by filling individual pieces of fruit with pyrotechnic charges before blowing them up and filming the results using high-speed cameras.

“It’s typical Williams Murray Hamm – taking the brand name JuiceBurst and putting an idea behind it,” said WMH’s Creative Director Garrick Hamm.

“Artem, the special effects company behind some of the opening ceremony scenes at the Olympics, blew the fruit up for us whilst the action was filmed at high speed. We just loved the idea of people watching the bursting fruit on their smart ‘phones as they shop the fixture. I don’t think anyone’s done that before.”

As well as creating the brand concept and films, WMH also designed the graphic and structural packaging.

The agency deliberately set the labels at a higher point on the bottle to contrast with other brands, which put their labels lower down.

WMH says it also developed ‘stories’ for the fruit to give them ‘personality and voice’.

Purity Soft Drinks approached Williams Murray Hamm in the summer of 2012 to come up with the concept, which is set to launch next month.

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